Meet Salt and Pepper...


One cold winters night Salt and Pepper arrived at the clinic. They were only a couple of hours old, skinny, hairless and massive ears in relation to their little bodies. I accepted the challenge to attempt to hand raise them knowing very well how difficult this can be. I thought “how hard can it really be”….


Almost 5 months later and after many trials and tribulations I can share some tips with prospective bunny owners:


  1. Raising bunnies is very hard work, emotionally draining and sleep is not an option.

  2. Bunnies are poop factories and prepare yourself for little pellets EVERYWHERE.

  3. It is impossible to ignore the bunny perfected upright begging manoeuvre when they want more milk.

  4. They can happily live in a spare shower when they’re little but BEWARE this may not go down well with spouses.

  5. Accept that you will develop a shuffling gait around the house to avoid stepping on bunnies running around like little missiles.

  6. The word “cute” makes a very prominent appearance in your vocabulary.

  7. Building hutches brings out the DIY in everyone (Proof: I bought my very first drill).



And last but not least:


  1. My little buns are the best pets I could ever wish for and my life has changed because of them!


Salt and Pepper now live in “Buntington Manor” in my garden with 2 multilevel loft apartments, a spiral staircase and their very own specially planted vegetable garden.


If you would like to own a bunny as a pet, come and chat to us first, as loving as they are, they can be finicky little things. There are so many bunnies that need homes so please try to adopt one rather than buying. Check out Little critters rescue on facebook.

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