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Giving back a bit..


Since 2003 we have been involved with the SAVA CVC (Community Veterinary Clinic) project, where we go out once a month to Dube police station in Wintervelt Soshanguve, to provide basic health services to the animals in that area - including vaccinations, deworming, sterilizations, basic treatment and dip.  Noeline and Ampie have also set a personal goal to provide each dog with a collar and lead.  Each dog also receives a small bag of food for coming for a check-up. 


Why did we get involved?  Because the Dube area of Soshanguve is a notoriously poor area situated almost 30km away from the closest veterinary clinic.  If not for the Dube CVC clinic, most of these sick animals will never receive treatment.  One of our primary goals with this clinic is also to educate animal owners on how to look after their animals and provide their pets with better living conditions.


How  can you get more involved?  By donating any food, collars, leads, bowls or money, that will be spent to purchase necessary medication. We have a special bin at the practise for this purpose.


The CVC's are also listed as a beneficiary on the My School Card system and you will be helping to keep this initiative going by listing the CVC's as a beneficiary.

Each donation helps these animals live a better life!


   At a glance...


We would like to thank each and every client, owner and friend for trusting us

with their family members and allowing us to do what we love!! 


Just born Dexter calf
Titus enjoying the sun
Titus came in for x-rays
Impala ewe having a bite
Meerkat castration

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Services offered by 
Pierre van Ryneveld Vet
  • ​Small and large animal medicine 

  • Small animal surgery

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Digital diagnostic facilities

  • In-house blood testing (lab) facilities

  • ​Mobile equine and large animal clinic

  • Small animal ambulance​​

  • Wildlife veterinarian

  • Herd health

  • Grooming


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