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Caring as much as you do

Small and large animal medicine

Whether you have cats, dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, game and just about anything in between (even the occasional exotic, reptile and bird too), you can be sure that the animal you care for, will be given the best medical care... Regardless if your friend is sick, or just coming for his routine check-up, we will always give him the best care and attention and be passionate about it.

Small animal surgery

With a guarantee that surgery is done by a highly qualified and knowledgeable veterinarian with support staff that has undergone years of training, you can be assured that your pet is in very capable hands. Ranging from routine operations and dental work to more complex orthopaedic or invasive procedures, we will be able to provide your pet with a high standard of surgical care.

Mobile equine and large animal unit mobile X-Ray unit

With a veterinarian just a phone call away, even your larger animal can get medical attention - with facilities to do large animal medicine, routine work and minor surgery, we are equipped to handle and deal with just about any case you can throw at us... Loving and caring for the hooved ones, as if they are your only animal.

Wildlife veterinarian

Being a game farmer for the past 15 years and extremely passionate about wildlife, Dr Ampie Viljoen has personal experience in everything game related - whether it's routine work, immobilisation or minor surgery, you can trust him to treat your precious commodity in a knowlegeable, compassionate and efficient manner. Loving and appreciating each animal for all its beauty.

Puppy classes and socialization

A well trained and socialized puppy is the a joy to anyone that comes into contact with them, whether at home, at play, taken for walks, spending time with other animals or coming to the vet.

This program is presented by dog enthusiast and trainer - Magda Labuschagne, who has been involved in dog training for years. Having her own dogs, she finds great pleasure in helping owners and working with dogs. Training puppies in all the basic areas that will make your puppy the clever pup you always knew he could be and making your life so much easier... Magda will also gladly give advice and answer any questions you might have.

For more info, phone the practice on 012 662 2502

Orthopedics - Ilizarov external fixator and pinning

Medical technology and advances in external fixators has made it possible for even the most daunting fractures to be fixed with limited invasive surgery necessary. These medical wonders allows us to stabilize bones allowing for faster healing. Patients are almost immediately mobile and able to walk.

Digital Diagnostic Facilities

These days digital technology gives us the means to see exactly what is hidden from sight, allowing us to fully understand and assess the severity and extent of any given illness or injury. Having the latest in digital technology on hand, gives us the opportunity to perform necessary x-rays and ultrasounds immediately, with results available in a matter of minutes. This in turn allows us to diagnose and treat patients faster.

In-house lab facilities

With in-house laboratory facilities we are able to make a diagnosis much faster, which results in faster treatment and eventually faster recovery. Using various diagnostic blood and urine analysers, we can accurately determine the different blood and urine chemistry levels to determine what treatment would best benefit our patients. When further, more extensive laboratory tests need to be done, we make use of reputable Laboratories like Idexx, Vetpath, Pretoria Cytology Services and Onderstepoort.

Hospital care

With around the clock hospital care availible for critical cases, you can rest asured that your pet will be looked after even when you can't be there. Cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance - therefore cages are serviced and cleaned regularly. Soft, comfy and clean bedding is always provided. All cages is situated in areas with heating for those cold winter days.. and are well ventilated during the hot summer months.

​ With staff that just adores each patient that comes in - love and attention is never in short demand.

All Veterinary nutritional brands

Building a strong base for your pets' health starts at giving them the best possible food and nutrition. Here at Pierre van Ryneveld Vet Clinic, we strongly believe that just by giving your pet the best food, you can help to keep your pet healthy, therefore we only stock the best in veterinary nutritional brands and our staff have been trained to answer all relating questions you might have. With us, you can be sure to get the best food to suite both your pets' nutritional needs and your pocket.

Weight / Obesity clinics

Obesity in pets is a serious condition and is becoming a problem to many owners who doesn't know how to address this huge problem. Having serious and life threatening implications to your pet like causing diabetes, heart failure and various other illnesses, we feel the need to increase clients awereness of the severity of this condition in their pets.

Obesity clinics run by Lesley, is designed to help owners assess their pet's body condition and act on it. Dogs are weighed, assessed and put on a specific diet program. Participating brands are: Eukanuba Veterinary diets, Hills Prescription diets and Royal Canin Veterinary diets. Scheduled weighing at the clinic and progress reports, helps owners manage this problem.

This is a free service - the only contribution pet owners needs to make is to buy the necessary dietry food and commitment to help their pets work through this...

Photizo- infrared light therapy

Photizo infrared light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that promotes natural self-healing. The infrared rays speeds up the recovery process, aids wound healing, pain relieve and decreases inflammation in affected areas. The light penetrates the skin and stimulates energy production and other metabolic processes in targeted areas.


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