How to prevent your pet from becoming a stray animal






Every day hundereds of pets go missing for their homes... don't let your pet end up on the streets or locked up in a cage.
Here's a couple of things that will help:

Microchipping your pet 

Why should you Microchip?

  • All veterinary practices and most shelters have microchip scanners, meaning that should your pet come in as a stray or a hurt animal, we will be able to contact you immediately

  • Of all animals who end up in shelters, only 2% of cat and 20% of dogs are found by their owners.


Sterilizing your pet

Why should you Sterilize?

  • The tendency to roam around will be markedly reduced.

  • The possibility of your puppy falling pregnant with the boerboel down the road’s puppies will be eliminated.

  • The occurrence of homeless puppies will be reduced over the long haul.


Put a collar with a tag on your pet

Why should they have collars on?

  • Most people will initially keep a stray pet at home to look for it's owners, when your pet has a collar with a tag on, you can be reached immediately to come and collect without your pet being exposed to sick animals at the SPCA or your local Vet.




Let’s get the wandering, homeless and lost animals off the streets, out of the cages and back to you.





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